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Company name: VEB INDIA
Employees: 11-50
Trading for: 2-5 years
Sector: Agriculture, Horticulture & Fisheries
Product or service: Products & Services
Registration number: ATKPM8075A
Primary contact: VEB INDIA
Job title: Exporter and Importer
Telephone: -009019060007
Turnover (last 2 years): £0 - £49K
Turnover (outside UK): 10-20%
Stage of exporting: Currently exporting
Primarily we provide: Products & Services
About our Business/Product or Service...
The VEB INDIA has The Export Import division The General Sales Marketing division The
Pharma Sales Marketing division The Argo Based Sales Marketing division The I T service
division The Website disgin division The Legal service division The Custom House division
The Wood Charcoal Division The Human Hair Division VEB INDIA is the Indian based
company Our Aim is to provide long term service to the customers. We provide Web
design development,Web hosting and domain registrations with best quality and
reasonable price. We provide Bulk SMS. Bulk Messaging is the dissemination of large
numbers of SMS messages for delivery to mobile phone terminal for customers. We
provide Professional creative web designs at affordable price. We do android custom
Apps developments with high quality and very low cost. We do games for iOS devices. We
provide best ROI to our customers. We are sincere honest and serious human hair
Exporter Importer from India. We are not a very big company producttion supplier, but we
strive to become the most reliable responsible, and trust worthy business partner which
we needed,we never promise what we can't deliver, We do our level best Our aim is to
creat a long - term business relationship with our customers,We promise 100% best
quality natural human hair provider at low cost,and at its best. The Export divison
CategoriesAgriculture > Agricultural Product Stock
Agriculture > Agriculture Products Processing
Agriculture > Charcoal
Agriculture > Vegetable Seeds
Food & Beverage > Fresh Food
- Buying CategoriesAgriculture > Agricultural Product Stock
- KeywordFood
VEBINDIA is an recognized in India the members of Agricultural and Processed Food
Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) Indian government organization we do
All agro based product like fruits and vegetables,Alcoholic Beverages, Animal
Casing,Basmati Rice, Buffalo Meat, Cereal Preparations, Cocoa Products,
Casein,Cucumber and Gherkins, Dairy Products,Processed Vegetables, Floriculture,
Fruits & Vegetables Seeds, Fresh Onions, Fresh Mangoes,Fresh Grapes, Others (Betel
Leaves & Nuts), Groundnuts,GuarGum, Jaggery & Confectionery, Mango Pulp,Maize,
Miscellaneous Preparations, Milled Products,Natural Honey, Non-Basmati Rice, Other
Fresh Vegetables, Other Fresh Fruits,Processed Fruits,Juices & Nuts, Others Cereals,
Others Meat, Poultry Products,Processed Meat, Pulses, Sheep/Goat Meat, Walnut, Wheat
Animal feeds, Fruits and Vegetable seeds,Sugar, Sea Foods. Marketing team to launch or
deal in Finished Products like Spices, and kindly send us related queries kindly let us
know ! We are established experience Market place Customers we build sustainable
Relationships including long term coordination and we providing Supreme best quality
products range with nutritional Values Indian Fassai certification We wish to say you are at
the right place and we are a team that is committed to delivering the best services. We are
looking forward for long term business relationship with your esteemed organization. We
are ready supply good quality product with good offer to your organization Looking forward
to hear from you any thing else required kindly let us know Please send the below
requirements as per your convenience
We began by assessing our business readiness. We identified the following strengths,
weaknesses, opportunities, and threats...
Well established exporter We speaks another language in our team We have goods
manufacturing and services capacity We have good planning implementation execution in our
organization We have an easy process to change product or packaging at customer convince
We believe every one We needed to pay extra for production We’re already very tight on working
capital No one understands export documentation procedures confidential organization
Everyone has a opportunitiy Our few competitors are already active in other markets We brought
additional staff in our organization for cost effectively work hard We have the ability to access
cultural activities marketing through our good staff We are in recognised Trade associations
agencies and departments of the Union Government of India Ministry of Agriculture
Huge competation Huge activity in our market Competitors are aggressively pricing everywhere
Return on investment needs to be short term or else not able to survive in feature
We then considered our range of products and how to prioritise where we will focus our
export energies.
In this competitive world the products Consider which of our services is our cash cow in our domestic
market - your established production with high market share Our Established which is our star
products or services which we are providing and through which we have high market share and high
market growth in worldwide
And in terms of changing a unit price for export, we considered the following factors and
came up with the following...
As per current factors can cross verify which is beneficial or profitable additional direct costs of
changing or modifying the product or packaging expense including transportation insurance shipping
cost project wise can verify if needed as per your convenience
For selecting a market we shortlisted the following markets...
World wide we are targeting everywhere We cross verify our customers through web
traffic comes from in a website As per our revelent products potential customer
And using the market weighting table, our priority market is All over the world.
In figuring out the best way to reach new customers, we first looked at our domestic
customer base and noted the following...
Compare any time
We then looked at how competitors in our selected market are reaching their
customers and learnt that...
Following this output, we've decided the following approach to reaching customers
in our priority market...
Our next actions for reaching customers in our new market are...
Export Related category :specialy Agro based productes
Import Related category
pharmaceutical sector
online sector
website related category
We considered the following in regard to our pricing strategy for the selected
Can compare domestic and international
We then considered the different factors selling overseas introduces to our working
capital exposure and discovered we could be ******* for up to...
10 days.
As currency rates fluctuate we worked out that we will ask the bank for an option or
forward contract to sell our invoice lump sum for the period of...
20 days.
We then considered the different methods for collecting payment and said...
Banking transfer digitally online
Our next actions for pricing and getting paid are...
Depends on products
As per current rate price value
can Compare competitive price value
In the final section we looked at the different delivery methods and decided that
we'd deliver goods using...
Air, Sea, Train and Road
We decided this because...
Majorly via Shipping A freight ship can take up to 27 days to travel from Japan. Remember
you need to plan for when a vessel is leaving as they don’t leave every day. Also, a Bill of
Lading gives you a document of title giving you greater control.even By air Delivery by air
is quick but it is also expensive. It is also not not an option if your shipment is large and
not particularly valuable.
We decided that we need to do the following to ensure the necessary
documentation is completed...
HSN code tax all documents transportation including air or shipping charges all packaging
charges and other certification charges
And we finally considered our liabilities and obligations and said...
International export license checking all verified documents Check the licenses, packages,
terms and conditions associated with your product are clear and correct

Company Brochure
IECIEC_Certificate.pdf0.02 MbCertificate of registration
Contact Information
- AddressVEBINDIA KALBURAGI COMPLEX CLUB ROAD HUBLI, Landma HUBLI, Country/RegionIndia- Phone91 - 90190 - 60007- Fax-- ContactRaghavendra Malottar

Contact US ALSO
Address: VEB INDIA
Munireddy Building,Main Bus Stop, Doddanekundi, Doddanekkundi, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560037
Phone: 090190 60007

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