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Bengaluru, India

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SKAT Technologies is One Stop Solution provider for Hospitals, we offer extensive lines of medical equipment and solutions which are dependable and include Innovative features needed in the modern medical environment. We deliver value through solutions, products and services to healthcare institutions to improve patient outcome and save life. Thus, protecting your investment and providing you with peace of mind. We offer Complete Solutions For CSSD, Medical Equipment and Operating Room

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Product & Service Catalogue (5)

  • Steam and EO Sterilization Reels

    Price on Request

  • OR Lights

    Price on Request

  • OR Table

    Price on Request

  • Incubators

    Price on Request

  • Steam Sterilizer

    Price on Request

SKAT Technologies
Bengaluru, Bengaluru
Healthcare, Medical Supplies & Pharmaceuticals ,Medical Equipment & Supplies

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