Pristine Commercials Pvt Ltd

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Mumbai, India

Metals, Minerals & Resources > Metals, Metal Products & Alloys

Steel, HR Coils, HR Plates, Galvalume, Galvanised Coils, GP,


Happy To introduce M/s Pristine Commercials Head Quartered in Mumbai Having Branch in Kerala,Tamilnadu and as well. We Are in the Market still 1960 We are doing Prime HR Coils, HR Plates, MS Angles, Beams and Channels Bare Galvalume, Pre Painted Galvalume, Galvanised coils for PIPE, Galvanised Coil for Purlin and decking, Pre painted Galvanised and all Range of steel products from Branded Mills from India and world

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Product & Service Catalogue (2)

  • Low tenstile, MS And High Tensile plates

    35.00 - 37.00 / Kilogram

  • Hot rolled Coils

    35.00 - 38.00 / Kilogram

Ms Pristine Commercials is one of the most transparent and trusted company in India from 1960

We are doing all range of steel products

TMT Rods
Angles, Channels and Beams
HR coils
HR plates
GI coils
Galvalume Coils
Pre painted Galvalume coils

May 2007

11 - 30 employees

Greater than ₹50 crore


  • Head-office/Primary office

    Pristine Commercials Pvt.Ltd. 111B/128B, Mittal Towers,, 210 Nariman Point, Mumbai - 400021
    Mumbai - 400021

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