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Kolkata, India

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Paras EXIM

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  • Biodegradable Range Areca Leaf Products

    Price on Request

Paras Exim, founded by Mr. Shekhar Mehta, is a leading export and import company having ample industry experience and a loyal customer base. Consisting of a group of professionals, the company has moved forward consistently, with the intent of providing top-quality agriculture products, spices and stainless steel fasteners to its clients globally. The requirement of the customers is the topmost priority at Paras Exim and we feel pride in delivering our promise of a better working environment and professionalism with every deal.

Oct 2018

1 - 10 employees






  • Head-office/Primary office

    8 Camac Street, Shantiniketan Building, 4th Floor, Room 4A
    Kolkata - 700017

    GST Number: 19ALAPM4116E1ZG

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