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Venkatraman Balakrishnan

Co-founder And Director at SS DMIT Consultants

Mumbai, India

Adding values to people... this is our mission. It is always better to know yourself before it is too late. A Brainbow qualified consultant - Brainbow - World's first solution based DMIT (Demratoglyphics & Multiple Intelligence Analysis Test) We help discovering the Inborn (Innate) potentials / skill sets in individuals based on the above science with 100% accuracy. We assess the Innate skill-set / Intelligence based on evaluation of finger prints thru biometrics. Experience is Evidence.


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Help people identify their strengths and limitations in a scientific way.

We Evaluate the Inborn Skills sets & the working potential of each individual’s Brain without any Q & A or any interactive session. Highlighting the Strengths & averages, giving remedial measures and guidance on how to Capitalise on the strengths. The evaluation is carried out based on a Scientific Assessment of the 10 Fingerprints carried out by Dermatoglyphic experts based out of Singapore. BRAINBOW evaluation is based on a scientific assessment of the individual’s fingerprints. We tell you what is easy for the Brain, What is difficult for this Brain, Why is it difficult, and what kind of mistakes this brain is making on a daily basis. AND as we know the WHY, we have suggested remedial measures. The above questions can be co-related to various fields, like Academics /Extra-curricular activities /Occupations /Social Interactions /Entrepreneurial Skills / Leadership skills

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January 2017

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Venkatraman Balakrishnan

Co-founder And Director



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Venkatraman Balakrishnan

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