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Sridhar Ramakrishnan

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Business Services & Consultancy

Founder / Ceo

Internet Technology Advisory Services for MSMEs / SMEs. spends face to face time with key stakeholders within a organization to steer IT in the right direction. Recurring phone calls, in-person meetings, and Quarterly Technology Reviews help shape the face of IT within the organization.

Chennai, India

Providing IT Infra Solutions to SMEs in Chennai. What we do - We assess our Client's technology position, develop Do-it-Yourself strategies to make their business more effective in delivering their services.
Who we serve : Small Businesses across the Globe who cannot afford for full time CTOs

Company Summary

Aligning IT Services to the needs of your Business - Tally Customize, Open Source Software Development
Project Management - Bringing Software projects to a succesful completion coordinating with your vendor
Reduce your IT Costs : Cloud Hosting and Mobile App Development
Enable your Business Online : Paid Digital Advertising Services, Enabling ecommerce on websites
SMB IT Security Audit: We conduct an Audit of your Hardware/ Software Assets , recommend which needs the most attention

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    IT Infra Services


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    Send Mass Mail using GMAIL


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    SPECTRA Managed Services using SD-WAN


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