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Rahul Porwal

Owner at Rishabh Intermediates

Valsad, India

Chemical Engineer and Technocrat

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Rishabh Intermediates

Mumbai, India +2 More

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Contract / Toll Manufacturing,

Business Requirements

Rishabh Intermediates (Formerly Porwal Chemicals - founded during the year 1990), is an independent technology-based company specializing in the production of innovative biochemical and pharmaceutical compounds. The Company is an SSI unit located in the western state of Gujarat in India. The Company manufactures Bulk Drugs and Intermediates and specialise in reactions like Chlorination, Sulphonation, Nitration and others. The Company is equipped with facilities and laboratories for testing unprocessed, under-process and final outputs. The Company also has the facility for Contract / Toll manufacturing and Job-Work. The Company follows Quality Standards in manufacturing. The business aim is to follow a safety system, and adhere to the responsible care programme and most of all provide customer satisfaction.

Welcome to Rishabh Intermediates, a leading provider in the Chemicals, Dyes & Paints / Chemicals, Compounds & Formulations industry.  We are located in Mumbai and have been serving in India for over 22 years . Our team is made up of 1 - 10 dedicated professionals who are passionate about what they do. Thank you for considering Rishabh Intermediates and we hope to hear from you soon.

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Incorporation Type

Partnership Firm

Year of Establishment

January 2001

Nature of Business


No. of Employees

1 - 10 People

Annual Turnover ₹1 crore - ₹5 crore

Industry Chemicals, Dyes & Paints > Chemicals, Compounds & Formulations

Location(s) Mumbai, Valsad (India) |

Licenses and Certifications

ISO 9001:2008

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Digital Address

Key Contacts

Rahul Porwal




Primary My Location

Head-office/Primary office

10, Dixit Bhavan, 148, P.K. Road,, Mulund West
Mumbai Maharashtra 400080

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Primary My Location

Branch/Regional office

Porwal Chemicals, Plot No 1401, 3rd Phase, GIDC, Vapi
Valsad Gujarat 396195

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Primary My Location

Branch/Regional office

Rishabh Intermediates, Plot No 5304, 4th Phase, G.I.D.C, Vapi
Valsad Gujarat 396195

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HSN Code

HSN Description

  • 2901

    Acyclic hydrocarbons.

  • 2902

    Cyclic hydrocarbons.

  • 2903

    Halogenated derivatives of hydrocarbons.

  • 2904

    Sulphonated, nitrated or nitrosated derivatives of hydrocarbons, whether or not halogenated.

Rahul Porwal

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