United Liner Shipping Services

Mumbai, India

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SHIP AGENCY:Specialists in Ship Agency Services for Container, Break Bulk, Heavy Lifts, Ro-Ro, Bulk Carriers and Petroleum & Edible Oil Tankers. ULSS also provide specialized services of handling & transportation of Heavy Lifts and ODC cargoes. CARGO CONSOLIDATION Century Distribution Systems Inc.(Buyers consolidation): CDS a logistics arm of Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha Ltd., is represented by ULSS (part of J.M. Baxi group) in India for almost 3 decades.

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ULSS LLP is one of India's most dynamic shipping agency, offering cutting-edge customer solutions to some of the most prominent customers in the shipping trade.
It has a vast network of offices across India including at all major and minor Indian ports and inland container depots (ICD’S). With over 170 dedicated, qualified and highly experienced personnel, it handles a wide range of shipping service activities in its areas of expertise which include Liner shipping, Bulk cargo handling, Project cargo handling, Buyers cargo consolidation. HEAVY LIFT
United Liners Shipping Services LLP is the general agent for Rickmers Linie GmbH & Cie.KG, Hamburg, Germany (Rickmers). Rickmers is the leading specialist in global transportation of Break Bulk, Heavy Lift, ODC-Over Dimensional Cargo and Project Cargoes.

101 - 300 employees

Service Provider

  • Head-office/Primary office


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