Delhi, India

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Holistic healing ,Nutrition,Reiki , Yoga & Doula Services - (Counselling for Pregnant Mothers - Fathers)


In our experience of more than 20years I feel professionals in Service Industry whether it is Hospitality or Medicine Industry have benefitted the most with Alternative therapies. Beside which,these services are extremly beneficial when it comes to cope with burn out situations, Depressions Or getting over any cancer treatments.

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Delhi, Delhi
Healthcare, Medical Supplies & Pharmaceuticals ,Alternative Therapies & Healthcare

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  • Head-office/Primary office

    R-500, New Rajinder Nagar
    Delhi - 110060
  • Urvashi Puri 

    19 May 2018, 7 min read

    The dynamics of caregiving and a guide to self-care


    The dynamics of caregiving and a guide to self-care

    Urvashi Puri explains how caregivers should focus on self-care to battle burnout and stress.

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