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Chennai, India

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Diamond, Gold, Gemstone, Solitaires and Gold Coins

  • MESSAGE is from the house of Vummidi Bangaru Jewellers (VBJ), since 1900, a 115 year old jewellery brand in India. VBJ is a trusted name for quality diamonds and fine jewellery and popular across the globe for its exceptional product quality, high ethical standards and excellent services. Zaamor Diamonds emanates everything that VBJ stands for.

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Connect to get details quickly is India's leading online destination for diamond jewellery and solitaires that showcases excellent craftsmanship with strikingly exquisite designs. We aim to make Jewellery & Solitaire shopping a pleasurable experience for our customers. We focus on designing timeless jewellery that brings out your best and remains close to your heart.

Zaamor Diamonds, as a brand always strives to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction which reflects in our policies like easy r

Sep 2014


  • Head-office/Primary office

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    9 D, 3rd Floor, Ganga Griha, Nungambakkam High Road
    Chennai - 600034

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