Yash Hosiery India Pvt.ltd.

Indore, India

Textile, Apparel & Leather > Textiles, Fabrics & Garments

We are one of the leading manufacturers of ********'s.


Quality Ladies Inner manufacturers in Indore (M.P.)

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Yash Hosiery India Pvt.ltd.
Indore, Indore
Textile, Apparel & Leather ,Textiles, Fabrics & Garments

Jul 2018

51 - 100 employees


  • Head-office/Primary office

  • Head-office/Primary office

    'DAYAL SHRAM', Plot no.1&2, Halka no.38, Gram , Badshah,Sanwer Road, Industrial Area
    Indore - 452015
  • Navin Chhabriya 

    4 Aug 2018, 4 min read

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