Vgyaan Vastu

Nagpur, India

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An avid Astrologer, Vastu Expert & Numerologist, with experience of over 6 years in the field of occult science & consultancy. Nitesh is a qualified I.T Professional with 14 years of experience as Database Architect. His life events raised the curiosity & keen interest to learn about the spectrum of vedic sciences. After 6 long years of his learning & implementation of the sacred occult sciences, he took it as a profession, based on the results derived & observing the life changing parameters. He has learnt under multiple Gurus for formal training in Vastu, Astrology, Numerology, Dowsing & Swaryoga and is now a renowned / certified professional. The motto is to leverage the ancient science techniques by applying them in modern life context to increase it awareness & faith in our culture and gifted mystical powers of vedic science. Nitesh is founder of VgyaanVastu is serving clients across nation & worldwide, with major domestic services across Raipur & Nagpur.

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