The ThickShake Factory Pvt Ltd

Verified as The ThickShake Factory Pvt Ltd

Hyderabad, India

Food & Beverage > Restaurants, Caterers, Stores & Cafes


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The ThickShake Factory satiates the thirst of gulping down heavenly ThickShakes through its offerings. The brand was carved out of our passion for desserts. We were inspired by the global trend of growing appetite for sweet savories & brought the most appealing range of tastiest ThickShakes to India. Our vision is to become the No. 1 Shakes brand in the country. We want to be what subway has done for sandwiches and Starbucks has done for Coffee.
The ThickShake Factory has been a pioneer in the concept of specialty retailing of Shakes. Established in December 2013 in Hyderabad with a single store bootstrapped with a personal loan, the company has steadily grown to 130 stores by April 2019.



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