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A lot of entrepreneurs learn the hard way after making mistakes right from the start: from the time of searching for co-founders and early employees to find the right talent as per not just the skill or sector but also the values and vision of the organisations. StartupPeopleConsulting helps early entrepreneurs with all people-related matters and also helps build their networks and teams across locations with minimum effort and speedy timelines.

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Welcome to a world where your inspired ideas fuel endless progress. Startup People Consulting (SPC) will help entities by identifying the growth inhibitors of the organization; assess, analyse and mitigate the risks. SPC's main focus is to change the way people live and work. Adds value to the resouce base, improves their productivity, helps them gain confidence, sharpens their skills for them to be the driving forces for the organizational growth. All the resources including CxO's ’ll realize boundless opportunities for their own professional success. As a powerhouse of positive change, our industry leadership team (both thought & do leaders) focuses extensively on every Industry, from homes and health care to electronics and transportation. Whatever the challenge, our people collaborate across disciplines and around the world to take it on. Find out more about what makes SPC a uniquely rewarding team to learn from, grow every process & resource potential, and contribute to success.

Jun 2018

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