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SAP Global Logistics

Logistics, Supply Chain & Packaging / Freight & Logistics
Navi Mumbai, India

SAP Global Logistics is one of the leading Logistics Service Provider offering entire gamut’s of Logistics Services. @ In house Custom House Agency Services @ International Freight Forwarding Services like General Cargo, Project & ODC Shipments @ Consultancy & Licensing for Project Registrations, STPI/100%EOU/SEZ/Third Party Imports etc. along with Advisory Services @ All DGFT Services including Benefits like drawback claims, Various types of Licenses – Issue & closure, IEC and Other Related work @ Specialised service offerings to first time importers and exporters, comprehensive guidance on pre-shipment documentation. @ Refunds of all types @ Transportation Services @ General and Customs Bonded Warehousing Services along with other Value Added Services @ Clearance services for exhibition cargo on returnable basis @ Expertise in Re- export, Re-import Clearances with Value Added Services etc We serve various clients comprising of SMEs, Large corporate Cos as well as MNCs, please do let us know if you need reference will share with you details of our clients. Our experienced staff evaluates customer requirements and uses their expertise to ensure cargo arrives safely and as expeditiously as possible, while maintaining cost. To support freight movements in all modalities, SAP GLOBAL LOGISTICS is further enhancing its worldwide capability for EDI messaging and Track & Trace.

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Navi Mumbai -

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Sanjay G Rane

Sanjay G Rane/CEO

SAP Global Logistics
/ Navi Mumbai, India

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