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Kolkata, India

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RV Ventures is your "One-Stop Solution for all your needs". We provide a wide array of services which includes: Digital Marketing | Web Design | E -Commerce | Graphics & Logo | Accounting Solutions | Personalized Gifts | World Tour Services | Refurbishment Solutions.

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RV Ventures is your "One-Stop Solution for all your needs". Our aim is to provide our customers Full Services & Complete Solutions under one roof. We provide a wide array of services which include complete Digital Marketing services, Printing Solutions, Accounting Solutions (from Business Registrations to Audits), create an online business platform, arrange hassle-free trips around the world and top services to students regarding college admissions, assignments, etc.
We also make personalized gifts, provide Refurbishment Solutions (Mobile, Desktop & Laptop services) and E-Payment services like Bill Payments, Online Appointments, etc. We are customer-centric in our approach and put our sincere efforts to understand our customer's needs. At RV Ventures we provide our customers with fast, creative, transparent & cost-effective solutions.

Oct 2019

1 - 10 employees

Less than ₹25 lac

Service Provider




  • Head-office/Primary office

    8, Hanspukur Lane, 1st Floor
    Kolkata - 700007

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