RMP Jewellers Pvt Ltd

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Meerut, India

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RMP Jewellers is a company that was started in the year 1980. RMP Jewellers deals in all types of silverware, jewellery, corporate gifts & other gift items that can be used on festive occasions. Huge range of Silver bars & coins, silver utensils, silver idol, silver statues, silver pooja items is available. They have an exclusive gold and silver coins manufacturing plant. The company has developed an aura of its own and has developed trust and value in the hearts of there customers. The dealer network extends in many states covering UP, Delhi, NCR, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Gujrat, Mumbai, etc. RMP Jewellers wholesale shop is located in Meerut (Heart of Sarafa Bazar, Jhande Wala Chowk).

Jun 1980

1 - 10 employees

Less than ₹25 lac

Professional Services


  • Head-office/Primary office

    Jhandewalan Chowk, Sarafa Bazar, Subhash Bazaar
    Meerut - 250002

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