Realty Automation and Security Systems Pvt Ltd

Pune, India

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“Vighnaharta A3S” is a brand promoted by Realty Automation & Security Systems Pvt. Ltd. (RASS). Our aim is to provide reliable electronic safety, security, surveillance & automation solutions to customers.
The Company markets its products through dealers and distributors and have presence all over India, US and Middle East.
Apollo fire detectors of UK have been the world leader in fire detectors and a market leader for the past 35 years or so. Apollo and Vighnaharta A3S came together in a joint venture to design and develop addressable fire alarm panels made in India for the World.
Our research and Development department is recognised by DSIR.
Realty Automation is designing and manufacturing products for A3S (Automation & Safety, Security, Surveillance) industry for last 4-5 years. We strongly support Indian design, manufacturing & Brand. It supports all the products with the help of competent “Customer Support Team”. RASS is backed by talented and young R&D team, Sound manufacturing, Strong & experienced management and last but not the least “Focused Vision”.
We are the manufacturer of
1) Gas Leak Detectors
2) Addressable & conventional Fire alarm panels, & Fire Suppression Systems
3) Intrusion Alarm panels & Sensors
4) IoT sensors

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