Real World Nutrition Laboratory Foundation

Verified as Real World Nutrition Laboratory Foundation

Pune, India

Healthcare, Medical Supplies & Pharmaceuticals > Health Care Products

Nutraceuticals ,omega 3 enriched products.


We are in field of making people healthy through our innovative ALVEL Omega 3 enriched products. To know more about us pl.visit our website :

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RWNLF is a Pune based “Not for profit” company registered under section 8 company act 2013. The company is founded by eminent scientists with the aim to bring the essential fatty acid “omega 3” back into the food chain. Omega 3 helps in controlling many degenerative diseases like cholesterol, CVD, diabetes, mental health, cancer etc.

At RWNLF various omega 3 (ALA) rich products are manufactured. Omega 3 (ALA) is resourced from pesticide free, cold pressed flaxseed oil fortified with antioxidant Vitamin E. RWNLF manufactures and sells the products under brand name “ALVEL”.

Our products include; flaxseed oil, flax oil soft gel capsules, flaxseed oil emulsion (health supplement), omega 3 rich eggs, omega 3 rich chocolates & biscuits, poultry feed mix (EFM) for layer birds, omega 3 rich dog food.

Jul 2014

11 - 30 employees

₹25 lac - ₹1 crore


  • Head-office/Primary office

    Pune - 411043

    GST Number: 27AAGCR9800E1ZD

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