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Point To Business Services

Marketing, Advertising & PR / Market Research
Bengaluru, India

Point to Business Services is a leading mailing list company and is working with multiple categories of clients across worldwide. We develop multi-channel Direct Marketing campaigns using Business to Business (B2B) lists brought on to the market by us.

Point to Business Services manages databases that are gathered, profiled and researched. We also provide database management services, digital/online marketing, email marketing, direct mail marketing, data appending, data de-duping, data cleansing and email campaign services. Our approach is unique. Unlike many other mailing list companies and email list companies that compile their data from a single source, we have access to multiple suppliers. Second, not only do we have a wealth of information at our fingertips, but we also have the knowledge and experience necessary to determine which data sources are best-suited to each customer’s applications. When you purchase a direct mailing list from us, you’ll benefit immeasurably from our value-added service. We’ll save you both time and money by first learning about your company and helping you to precisely define your target market, and then utilizing our extensive network of databases to uncover new sales leads for your business.

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4/2, 11th Cross Rd Keb Layout, Narayan Gowda Layout, BTM Lay ,Tavarekere 560029 Bengaluru
Bengaluru - 560029

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Key Contacts


Dhinesh kumar

Dhinesh kumar/Chief Executive Officer

Point To Business Services
/ Bengaluru, India

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