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We would like to introduce P&A enterprises-global procurement and supply chain firm which supplies industrial products for power plant, cement plant, OEM spares for constructional equipment’s, Electrical items for distribution business.
Our supplies includes products like Industrial Gearboxes & Speed Reducers,Industrial Motors & Inverters ,Bearings & Housing,Conveyor Products,Industrial Electrical ,Filters ,Belts, Pulleys & Bushes ,V-Belts,Industrial Valves ,Flow meters ,Complete Range of Tools ,Industrial & Automotive Batteries ,Screening Spares, Coupling & Drives,Hydraulics ,Welding Equipment & Consumables ,Personal Protective Equipment ,Sensors ,Fuses.

Apart from supplies, we can provide services of electrical contractors,repair services for hydraulic pumps etc.

We have vast experience of sourcing & can arrange spares from reputed brands to ease of customer.

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