Option 1 Event Services India Pvt Ltd

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Digital & Technology > Technology & Related Services

Content development and hardware integration with state of the art immersive technology


An illustrious event technology, production & content development company based in Dubai and offices worldwide; catering to the government, corporates & retail industry. Services include audio visual system integration, automations, immersive content development and special effects for corporate events, product launches, festivals and retail installations for audience engagement solutions.

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The Illustrious #eventtechnology & #eventcontent company. Your technical & creative partners for Conferences, Exhibitions & Events. @option1live

Sep 2010

31 - 50 employees

Greater than $10 MM

Service Provider


  • Head-office/Primary office

    Al Quoz Industrial 3, Sheikh zayed Road Exit 42
    Dubai - 111254
    United Arab Emirates
  • Branch/Regional office

    216 World Trade Centre Pune, Karadi
    Pune - 411014
  • Registered Address

    Heranandani Gardens, Powai
    Mumbai - 400079

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