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Al Ajman, United Arab Emirates

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Information Security & Digital Forensics


Consulting and advisory services for Information Security and Digital Forensics, including business / process assessment, reengineering for governance- risk - complaince.

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Information Security, Data breach incident response, hacking response, ethical hacking, software asset management, security audit, business continuty BCP, Diasaster Recovery DR, Forensic investgation, data recovery, Risk Management, Gap analysis, Security current state assessment

May 2006

$50,000 - $250,000

Service Provider

Professional Services

  • Head-office/Primary office

    B7-1603 Al Naumia Towers
    Al Ajman - 11111
    United Arab Emirates
  • Dinesh Bareja 

    29 Jul 2015, 6 min read

    Secure Your Information Assets at Startup

    Digital & Technology

    Secure Your Information Assets at Startup

    Dinesh Bareja, CEO Open Sec shares the importance for a business to secure its information assets.

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