Nirvana Jyotish & Astro Research Center

Delhi, India

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Nirvana Jyotish is a top most Astrology , Numerology and Vaastu Consulting Firm run by Celebrity Astrologer and Vaastu Expert Dr.Vishal Arora (PhD Gold Medelist) . An Engineer turned Astrologer Dr.Vishal Arora has served in top multinational companies like CSC , Dell , Wipro and had a deep zeal and passion for Astrology and Vaastu . He is a Renowned Top and famous Astrologer , Astro Vaastu ,Vaastu , Numerology & Gem Stone Consultant based in New Delhi. He consults clients in India, United States , U.K, Australia and Canada. His mission in life is to bring change in life through Astrology and to help people lead a more satisfying and prosperous life. He is Awarded Nationally and Internationally many a times Astrologer Dr.Vishal Arora has the trusted and reputed name in Astrology and Vaastu Consultancy.
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  • Head-office/Primary office

    D-201 , Anand Vihar, Near Prudence Junior School
    Delhi - 110092

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