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Naturebites International

Agriculture & Agri Products / Agri Supplies, Materials & Equipment
Ahmedabad, India

Naturebites is working on the concept of “Healthy Lives” which is related to renovate the health of nature to increase the healthiness of Human. We think with the slogan of “Going Towards Nature”, that’s mean we will keep people with us to the journey of creating a healthy and robust nature. We aim to get healthy food with proper nutritional values to every people. And so we are creating to robust healthy, organic and natural food chain with our unique platform. We also want that we can serve that with the better prices for our all type of clients and customers. We are inviting to every people who wants for a better nature and be a part of our journey. And in that part every people are our audience. In part of products and services, we are dealing with the Organic Farming and Agriculture industries or suppliers of related services on behalf of our partner farmers. So, our partner Farmers can get Best Products and solutions at better and cheap prices. And they will reduce the cost of farming, and get the better price of the crops. And by that we can also serve healthy food to every people.

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Key Contacts


Mahesh Patel

Mahesh Patel/Owner

Naturebites International
/ Ahmedabad, India

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