Moolk Creamery Corp

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Tanay, Philippines

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Milk it a Habit!


Our Holstein cows are happy cows, freely roaming in hectares of pasture land in the chilly mountains of Tanay,Rizal. Feasting on the fresh grass, legumes and other vegetation found abundantly in the area. They are never treated with hormones nor given antibiotics and may not be fed with genetically modified feeds. These are the parameters of the USDA Organic Standard which we practice here in Moolk Creamery. Pasteurized in the same area ensuring the quality of our product. "Grass to Glass"

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Moolk Creamery Corp is Dairy Farm located in Tanay Rizal. Imported cow breed from New Zealand freely roaming and enjoying fresh vegetation in the chilly mountains of Tanay, Rizal. Producing fresh milk daily free from antibiotics and hormones. Dairy Products are processed on the site, then delivered right in your door step.



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