Mittal Infinity Solutions

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Raipur, India

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Mittal Infinity Solutions is a fast growing company providing fire safety solutions to individual, private, corporate customers and government, semi government projects who are looking for technologically advanced products/service solutions to complex operational problems.

Our focus is in making the fire safety systems easy to use for everyone by providing quality products/solutions. It lets you work stress-free amidst a complete fire safe work area, which reflects accelerated business outcomes.

We provide simple and smart customized solutions to particular work area and specific challenges for Micro and Macro Environment Fire Suppression, Fire Hydrants (Dry, Down Comer, Wet Riser), Fire Detection and Alarm Systems, Fire Extinguishers.

With specific and customized plan approach and our onsite team, we cater solutions to multiple challenges to our different customers.

We also provide services like Refilling of Fire Extinguishers, Maintenance work (Annual, Quarterly and Monthly), Fire Safety Suggestion (as per National Building Code)

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