Meltbook Convergence Pvt Ltd

New Delhi, India

Electricals & Electronics > Consumer Electronics & Home Appliances

Water management, gardening, green house management solution provider.


Uraxx technology pvt ltd is one of the leading company in New Delhi. We are into manufacturing of green house management, water management and many more.

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Our team is led by passionate engineers from IIT.

We work in the domain of automation to make day to day life of ordinary people easier. We have developed solutions in water storage management, gardening, greenhouse automation, smart bin network with IOT application for maintenance agencies and civic bodies.

We undertake automation projects for businesses on turn key basis. Our motto is to free humans from repetitive monotony of everyday chores.

Apr 2011

11 - 30 employees

Service Provider


  • Head-office/Primary office

    C81, 2nd Floor, Mayapuri Industrial Area,, Phase 2 Next To Maruti DD Motors
    New Delhi - 110030

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