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Kula Causes enables businesses of all sizes to create meaningful brand loyalty by empowering consumers to support the charitable causes they care about most. Our cutting-edge technology gives consumers and businesses the tools to create change through philanthropic giving. We establish engaging, rewarding, and lasting relationships between consumers, the causes they care about, and the businesses they frequent. Through a process called “democratized transactional giving”, we put the choice of giving into the hands of consumers, giving companies a way to engage with their customers at a level unmatched by other loyalty programs. Kula’s mission to drive meaningful brand loyalty is embedded into our corporate DNA, with a philosophy that positive change makes a lasting difference.

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We help create ways for brands to engage their customers in the charitable giving experience. Our digital platform allows donors the ability to convert loyalty currency into cash donations to over 2 million charities & schools on our platform. We also offer charitable E-cards, gift cards and corporate branded cause campaigns.

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