Jetkool Exports India

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Mumbai, India

Textile, Apparel & Leather > Textiles, Fabrics & Garments

Company specialises in providing better quality textiles for African Markets in Khnaga & Kitenge


Textile & Related Products for African Markets

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We are serving Clients from all over the Globe but have major supplies in African Markets. Our main product line is African Textiles like Khanga, Kitenge and we sought to offer the best. Apart from this, we also deal in other Fabrics and Garments related needs of Buyers as and when demanded.

We look forward to quote you the best prices with better quality for your market needs. Do get in touch with us at for your requirements.

May 2005

1 - 10 employees

₹10 crore - ₹25 crore




  • Head-office/Primary office

    I 602 Vardhman Nagar, Mulund West
    Mumbai - 400080

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