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We are your "Owned" brand storytellers. We are the clique (group) that creates premium content for you, the ivy league companies (the companies that are ahead of the marketing curve). We create content across blogs (long form and short form), infographics, white papers, images as well as social media friendly content, making sure your brand gets the visibility it truly deserves. With an exclusive tie up with a US based curation agency and a group of industry experts helming the content creation process, we ensure that only the best quality content filters through.

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Ivy (your firm that has the insight to read the force of content marketing and its potency in the years to come) + clique (us, who provide the content to you) = "Ivyclique!

Sep 2014

Less than ₹25 lac

Professional Services

  • Head-office/Primary office

  • Anjan Purandare 

    16 Nov 2016, 5 min read

    5 ways to boost your startup’s growth

    Business Development

    5 ways to boost your startup’s growth

    Ivyclique shares 5 essential tips to boost your startup’s business growth.

  • Neha Paranjpe 

    29 Mar 2016, 7 min read

    Use #Hashtags to Grow Your Business

    Business Development

    Use #Hashtags to Grow Your Business

    Neha Paranjpe of Ivyclique shares useful tips on how ‘#Hashtags’ can be leveraged for business growth.

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