IVS Softtech Private Limited

Kanpur, India

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A short summary of IVS Softtech™ Pvt. Ltd:

IVS Softtech™ Pvt. Ltd. is a Start-up company currently located in Kanpur, India. IVS stands for Intellectual Virtual String. IVS offers a wide range of hardware and software solutions. It has expertise in Software Development including Web Applications, Mobile Applications, RFID Solutions, GPS, Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions, Web Promotion, Internet Marketing and much more.

IVS is recognised as a Start-up by the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion, Government of India and Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises(MSME). IVS has been providing business solutions to the industry since 2015. IVS offers services to small and medium-sized businesses across the globe.

IVS started its operation in the UK in early 2016. Due to its bigger customer base in India, its team decided to permanently shift to India. It has been very active in India since 2017. Currently, its team is fully focused on serving the Indian market. IVS R&D team has collaborated with global researchers including researchers from USA, UK, South Korea etc. who are helping its team to make globally competitive products.

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