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Bengaluru, India

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Luxury wooden flooring,Decking,cladding and wallpapers


We do turnkey projects for Retail,Hospitality& Builder projects for wooden flooring from Laminate,Engineered to Hard wood floors. A wide array of Brazilian Ipe decking and cladding is our speciality,also available are wallpapers imported from China,Belgium,Korea,Germany etc. Please feel free to drop by to our experience store in Bangalore-Malleshwaram.We are happy to assist you for all your projects and offering the best of flooring products of the highest finished quality ready for fit outs.

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We are a company selling Deckings, Claddings & Flooring's for Residential,Commercial & Hospitality sectors.Turnkey contractors for builders and Architects.
Our firm is actively doing many projects in Bengaluru,Hyderabad & Ahmedabad.

1 - 10 employees

Service Provider




  • Head-office/Primary office

    Interior Box,No 10, 3rd cross, Malleshwaram
    Bengaluru - 560003

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