Hartech Controls

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Bareilly, India

Electricals & Electronics > Electronic and Automation Equipment and Parts


Hartech Controls is undertaking jobs on turnkey basis, which include Design, supply, and commission complete project for electrical, instrument and plant automation. We have experienced team of engineers who is working on designing, installing, supervision and commissioning of projects. We are specialized in HT, LT design electrical PCC, MCC, Control Panels, Distribution panels, Power Factor panels and Automation projects. Fields Of Specialization: Electrification of Multistoried Residential & Commercial Complexes, Power Distribution, Industrial Electrifications, EHV & HV Substations & Transmission Lines, Generator Stations and Associated accessories like Cooling Tower, AMF Panels, Voltage Stabilizers & UPS Installations, Main LT Panels & Distribution Boards, LT & HT Cabling, G.I / Copper Earthing, Customized Solutions as per Clients’ Needs.

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A House of Electrical and Instrumentation Solution
a single point solution for Electrical, Instrument and Automation
Consultation, engineering and products
Optimum Solutions for Energy Conservation, Electrical Energy and Instrumentation

Oct 2005

₹1 crore - ₹5 crore

  • Head-office/Primary office


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