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Your business has distinct preferences and needs when it comes to HR Solutions. At Evoluer Consulting Services, we brew a solution just for you. As your multi-skilled HR business partner, we offer comprehensive end-to-end HR Solutions that address the total process of an employee life-cycle in an organisation.

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At Evoluer, we are passionate about people. Believing, like Mark Salsbury, that the only competitive advantage that will stand the test of time is people, we help companies leverage their human capital in the best possible way. To this end, we provide best-in-class services in the following areas: HR Strategy ; Rewards and Recognition ; Training Development ; Organisational Culture ; Performance Management ; Succession Planning ; Career Management. You could choose to partner with us for the entire range of solutions from Recruitment Management, On-boarding, Payroll, Lifecycle Services, Learning Initiatives, Employment Engagement, Separation ; or pick and choose modules that are of immediate need.

Mar 2017

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