Eueco Technology & Services Pvt Ltd

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Nagpur, India

Agriculture & Agri Products > Processing & Packaging


Processed organic, forage and dairy food products sourced directly from the producers of raw materials. Zero plastic packs. Selling directly to consumers as well as retailers, for reselling.

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A business entity dedicated to manufacturing environment friendly products that promote sustainable development, improve health of its consumers and advocate for mindful consumerism that would create lesser burden on our planet's resources.
We try to achieve Zero-plastic packaging for our food products. We are also working on ideas that can create our business unit to be zero-waste and self sustaining on energy requirements.
Our products are sourced directly from farmers, foragers and other firsthand producers of raw materials. We like tying up with like minded businesses who are into organic farming, agriforestry, self-help-group generated products so that the consumers get honest solutions to their needs and the firsthand producers get their due.

Feb 2017


  • Head-office/Primary office

    303 Jeevanraksha Apartment, Laxminagar
    Nagpur - 440022

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