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Delhi, India

Marketing, Advertising & PR > Marketing

Architecture, Design, Real Estate


Epistle is a communication consultancy providing bespoke, strategic consulting services for architecture, design, planning and allied disciplines.

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Traditionally, most Indian architects, designers and design practices have steered away from communication activities that aid in generating business. However, in today's globalized markets, facilitating design as a business becomes extremely crucial. Within this milieu, Epistle communications was setup to provide bespoke, strategic communication consulting services for design, architecture, built environment and allied industries.
We understand the culture, pressures and aspirations of ambitious practices and what they seek to achieve, often on a limited budget. Our bespoke services include but are not restricted to Strategic planning, Communications strategies, Content creation, Positioning and Project Packaging, media relations and other activities that would facilitate business.

Nov 2011

1 - 10 employees

₹25 lac - ₹1 crore

Professional Services

  • Head-office/Primary office

  • Tanya Khanna 

    14 May 2017, 4 min read

    Mother's Day & motherhood: My reflections as a 'mompreneur'


    Mother's Day & motherhood: My reflections as a 'mompreneur'

    Tanya Khanna reflects on the importance of mother's day, the role of her mother in life and what motherhood means to her.

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