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Secunderabad, India

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Envytee is one of the fastest growing technology-driven, multifaceted service provider based in the State of Texas. With more than 9 years of industry experience in the technology market place Envytee is well known for its strong technical capabilities in design, development, testing, implementation, management, maintenance and providing professional services to major corporations in a variety of industries nationwide.

Envytee-Brilliance of Success as defined. Our inspiration has always been the Success of our clients, achieved by our unique 'keep apace' operational culture. Commitment of delivering excellence, and customer focus on mission-critical issues of our client. Armed with "Tomorrow's Technology Today's Approach" We have constantly delivered High-Optimized and Cost-Effective solutions which not only won our client's satisfaction but also ensured their Success in many aspects.

Today Envytee is an acknowledged fast-growth global IT company - a 'company of choice' with an impeccable record of deliveries spanning various verticals. Envytee's dynamic work environment constantly nurtures innovation, strategic thinking and creativity.

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