EMentor Enterprises Private Limited

Hyderabad, India

Education > Training & Coaching Institutes


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EMentor Enterprises Private Limited (EMentor) offers capability enhancement, learning and transformation solutions to individuals and organizations. We enable individuals and organizations to achieve effectiveness and excellence.

Our Mission is enabling learning and growth of individuals and organizations. Our services include Career counseling and coaching, job training, skill development, human capital management services, workforce development, and organizational development services. We have a wide variety of offerings for individuals, business organizations, educational institutions, and Governments.

EMentor is registered as a private limited company in Hyderabad, India. We have been operating since 2014.

CIN: U74900AP2014093244

GSTIN: 36AADCE6307Q1z9

We are a company headquartered in Hyderabad, India started in the year 2014. We operate in the following business lines:

Human Capital Management Services
Education, Employability Enhancement, Career Counselling, job training, and coaching services
Coaching and guidance for New Entrepreneurs and consulting services for new enterprise creation
Organizational Development, Organizational Design and Organizational Transformation services
Leadership development and coaching services
Organizational Transformation consulting services for Educational Institutions

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