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Mumbai, India

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A fast-growing company engaged in the field of Renewable Energy, providing customised Solar, Wind & Hybrid solutions to Industries, Commercial Enterprises & Residential Users.

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BigSwitch India is a fast-growing company engaged in the field of Renewable Energy. BigSwitch India provides end-to-end solutions that comprise of Solar, Wind and Hybrid systems to Clients who would like to incorporate Clean Energy as part of their Energy-mix. Solar and Wind being Renewable, are the most promising sources of Energy available to mankind, and are highly regarded around the world as being the fuel-sources of the future. You may read more at

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  • Head-office/Primary office

  • Prasad Kulkarni 

    5 Jun 2015, 5 min read

    Deciphering Energy Bills: Let There Be Light!


    Deciphering Energy Bills: Let There Be Light!

    Let us attempt to clarify the underlying calculation of energy usage and how best we can optimise this national resource shares Prasad Kulkarni, founder BigSwitch India.

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