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Bharat Infotech provides a wide range of multimedia presentations. The soothing background music, explaining voice over, great animation effects and verity of text display leaves a long lasting impact for your target viewers. The CBT, CD presentation, Multimedia presentation and Interactive presentation made by Bharat Infotech Delhi can be smart investment in your business. We can show your services, company and solutions in a unique and flashy way. A Multimedia Presentation can alone do the miracle of your sales team and can explain the services in a manner to your customer that you won't feel any absence of your sales person.

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Harish K Saini is Founder of Bharat Infotech, award winning, next-generation Multimedia Presentation company offering solution to corporate, companies on various subject like Marketing, Branding, Product & Company etc, with a strong focus on customer service, flexibility, and reasonable pricing. Bharat Infotech has provided it's services around the globe including the fortune 500 companies in it’s customer list, & was awarded “ Best Presentation “ from STC in India.

Jul 2000

₹25 lac - ₹1 crore

Service Provider

  • Head-office/Primary office

  • Harish Saini 

    25 Jan 2019, 4 min read

    The constitution is to the country what a business plan is for your SME

    Business Development

    The constitution is to the country what a business plan is for your SME

    This Republic Day, reflect on how to write your company’s constitution – a business plan.

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