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Acousticsindia Pvt. Ltd.

Acousticsindia Pvt. Ltd.

Media, Events & Entertainment / Professional Services
Indore, India

“Acousticsindia” India’s finest and fastest-growing Internationally Acoustic Consultancy and Turnkey Contracts with Complete Solution in one stop.

We feel proud to say that we have completed many prestigious projects with utmost success throughout India and abroad. We also provide various kinds of services like Acoustic Consultancy, Noise & Vibrations Control, Acoustical Interior and Exterior Designing,etc.

"Acousticsindia" are able to take projects across the globe!

We the “Acousticsindia” are one of the reputed Acoustic Consulting firm established in 1998, now we are doing Projects Globally. As a Life Member of “Acoustical Society of India” and "Indian Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air- Conditioning Engineers (ISHRAE)" also Proudly announce that we are one of the first Acoustical consulting firm Certified Rating by “CRiSiL – A Standard & Poor’s Company” for Technically Sound and Quality Oriented Services. We look at every project with a fresh perspective, no matter how big or small it may be. The firm supports and promotes its people with a willingness to think laterally. Often, this willingness to take a creative approach produces ideas and concepts that may not have been immediately obvious, but which often deliver the best solutions. We have invested heavily in research and developments, which inform its approach to projects and keep it, focused on 'future-proofing' its design, as well as best practice now. It also invests in s

  • Incorporation Date


  • Turnover

    Rs. 1 crore - Rs. 5 crore

  • No. of Employees


Service Provider , Professional, Contractor

Sole Proprietorship


Indore -

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Key Contacts


Dharmesh Barha

Dharmesh Barha/Acoustical Works & Consultancy

Acousticsindia Pvt. Ltd.
/ Indore, India

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