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Business Services & Consultancy / Human Resources
Pune, India

All businesses require talented people. ACHIEVE IT has the resources and the expertise to provide you with talent when you need it. We get to know our clients, our candidates, and their requirements up front, so whether your organization needs permanent staff, or a short-term boost in the technology department, we can find the right candidate for you. Quick turn-around of quality resumes for handling spikes in requirements. Turn around time is 4 hours from sharing a JD with us. We take ownership of the job allotted to us. We would map the candidates exactly to your requirement in order to avoid any delays and get the right talent on board at the earliest.

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EFC, JK Infotech, 2nd flr, Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park, ,Hinjewadi, Phase 1
Pune - 411057

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Key Contacts


Manisha Ambarkar

Manisha Ambarkar/Director

Achieve It
/ Pune, India

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