Kardi Dryers Pvt Ltd

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Chennai, India

Agriculture & Agri Products > Agri Supplies, Materials & Equipment

Day or Night, Any Time Dry, Cool & Store. All in a Day...

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Post harvest, any crop needs to be dried to facilitate storage, transportation or consumption. So, Dryers form vital equipment of the agriculture industry. In today’s circumstances, with unpredictive monsoon and climate, Dryers assume greater significance. Apart from offering immediate drying solution, there exist greater advantages like Uniformity of dried product, Shorter drying time, Prevention of aflatoxin formation and other fungal infection, Reducing crop loss, Gaining greater revenue etc.

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Product & Service Catalogue (2)

  • Biomass/Diesel/Gas Furnaces

    Price on Request

  • Biomass Furnaces

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Kardi Dryers Pvt Ltd
Chennai, Chennai
Agriculture & Agri Products ,Agri Supplies, Materials & Equipment

11 - 30 employees



  • Head-office/Primary office

    284, Avvai Shanmugam Salai, Gopalapuram
    Chennai - 600086

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