HBS Automation Private Limited

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New Delhi, India

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  • Biometric Attendance System

    Price on Request

Security, Safety, Automation.

HBS Automation Private Limited is a professionally managed, policy driven company with expertise in the field of automation. Integration of Automatic Electronic Security System, Electronic Safety System and Identity Management System are the key area of the company. We are a team of experts to design and implement small to large projects in India.Skill development & Service Quality is what we consider the most important tool of our work. Products we offer are certified and compatible to the infrastructure and industry standards to meet customer’s requirements.Customized Solution & Design is our expertise. Company focus on improving the security & safety of business & people. Our commitment is to deliver the smart products with latest technology to achieve the highest level of security & accountability. Our hi-tech solution plays a major role in customer’s business continuity planning & success.

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    New Delhi

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