Packaging Tips for Pharma Products

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Thu, Apr 15, 2021
15:00 PM - 16:00 PM (IST)


Packaging Tips for Pharma Products

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Packaging plays a big role in preserving pharmaceutical products and ensuring safe storage and transportation.


If you believe that good packaging is expensive, try analysing the cost of bad packaging!


Join a webinar featuring Chakravarthi AVPS, Global Ambassador and Executive Board Member of World Packaging Organisation and Managing Director of Ecobliss India on Thursday, 15th April at 3:00 PM (IST) to learn the latest trends and best practices in pharma packaging. 


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- Importance of good quality packaging

- Different kinds of packaging

- Role of packaging in pandemic times

- Sustainable packaging

- Design thinking in packaging

- Future trends



Who is Chakravarthi AVPS?

A die-hard lover and an evangelist of packaging, he is recognised as one of the most influential leaders in the segment. Apart from being the Global Ambassador & Executive Board Member of World Packaging Organisation, he is a Managing Director of Ecobliss India, an internationally renowned company for packaging innovations. With deep knowledge in Pharmaceutical Packaging, he is also an honorary advisor and director of the board for the Pharmaceutical Export Promotion CouncilGovernment of India.

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Kumkum Gupta

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Mumbai, India