The Blue Select Incense Sticks

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Various hues of nature symbolise our culture and tradition, values and practice as well as the perception and beliefs. It is natural for us to perceive anything larger than our awareness like the sky, the oceans, rivers etc to be blue in colour. Blue represents power, magnificence, bravery, stability and depth of character. It forms the basis of all-inclusiveness.

Incense from the house of Cycle Pure Agarbathies is known for their exclusiveness and Vasu The Blue select incense sticks are no exception to this tradition of excellence. It anchors floral, cosmetic and spicy notes in a fresh and captivating spirit. Entangle yourself in the irresistible magical fragrance of Vasu The Blue select incense sticks.

Additional Information

Net Quantity 135g
Length of the stick 20.32 cm
Type of bathi Scented Bathi
Burning Time 30 Minutes
Packing Type Pouch
Fragrances Cosmetic, Floral, Spicy