Kohinoor Charminar Basmati Rice - Select

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Charminar Select Basmati Rice is a tribute to the rich flavours of Nizami cuisine. Its long and delicate grains are processed with the expertise to preserve their distinct aroma and exceptional flavour ensuring that every dish you cook has the touch of royalty. So, go ahead and make something that will be remembered forever. Nutritional Facts :- Per 50 gm of Rice: -Calories: 173 Kcal -Sodium: 0 mg -Total Fat: 0 gm -Potassium: 0 mg -Saturated: 0 gm -Total Carbs: 40 gm -Polyunsaturated: 0 gm -Dietary Fibre: 1 gm -Monounsaturated: 0 gm -Sugar: 0 gm -Trans: 0 gm -Protein: 3 gm How to Use:- Use this rice for cooking steamed rice and pulaos.