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Westfield Pest Control

Mumbai, India

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  • Identifying the mosquito species - You will require help here
  • Mosquito infestations often require a detailed situation analysis and audit to identify and eradicate breeding spots. Westfield India's pest control technicians are trained mosquitoe control experts and will integrate different mosquito control methods in an most effective mosquito control program focusing not only adult mosquitoes but also mosquitoe larvae control.
  • Westfield offers a specialised mosquito treatment that is effective irrespective of availability of other repellents. Safe for your health, Indoor Residual Spray treatment guarantees freedom from mosquitoes.
  • Westfield pest control has unique methods of service not only by chemicals but various other techiques and natural extract formulations.
  • Westfield pest control also educates and various mosquito awarness trainings are conducted to individuals, societies, corporates.
  • For Mosquito Management, detailed inspection and unique methods of solutions call us 022 26708861, 9619871471. or email - & you can also visit