VLCC Pocket Parfum - Herbal Forest 23 ml

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Bukkapatnam, India

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VLCC - VLCC Pocket Parfum - Herbal Forest 23 ml

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Product Description
Herbal forest scents are directly from Natures Garden. These include herbal notes like lavender, sage, lemongrass, rosemary, chamomile. The earthy aroma of these herbal fragrances have been very popular in recent years.
VLCC Pocket Parfum - Herbal Forest is Compact, No Gas Body Perfume Will Be Your Perfect Partner Whether It’S A Long Day At College, Or A Date At The Movies Or A Rocking Party At The Most Popular Club In Town.
Refreshing fragrance with fresh, vibrant notes
Includes natural and herbal ingredients
Long lasting and soothing earthy aroma
Ingredients: Ethyl Alcohol denatured, fragrance, Clary Sage Oil, Sweet Fennel Oil